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Calving 2

Calving Season

Calving season is always an exciting time of year when we get to reap the rewards of last springs breeding decisions. Since we want to offer...

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Customer Cattle At Pratt Sale Barn

Increasing Customer Profit.

Since our beginning the direction of our breeding program has been to increase our customer's profit


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Bulls on Rye

Bull Calves Growing On Rye Pasture.

Winter has arrived and so far it has been a mild one. With a much needed rain, the rye pasture is finally starting to grow for the spring sale...

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Black Baldies With Hereford Bull

Quality Cattle Perform in Feedyard.

"I wanted to give you our final close out on our steers. You can look at the numbers, but in a nutshell, we averaged...

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Cows in Calving Pastures

Most of our cows are finished calving and the calves are growing. You are welcome to look through these cows with young calves when you come to...

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Master Farmer Award

Master Farmer Award

Kevin and Vera Schultz from Sandhill Farms are awarded the Kansas Master Farmer Award.
Weaned Bull Calves

Weaned Bull Calves At Dawn.

Weaned Bull Calves At Dawn.

Fall View December 2020

Fall View December 2020

A tour of the calves born in February 2020 on winter pasture in December.