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Flushing Donor Cows

We are continuing to flushing donor cows. We want to freeze enough embryos to place in Brooke and Travis' cows next spring.

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Bull Calves

Weaning Bull Calves.

We took time out from corn and soybean harvest to wean the bull calves. They are growing for next years sale.

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Cow calf pairs

Selected Cows For Next Years Spring Sale.

We sexed the embryos in the 4 year old cows to determine which ones will be in the sale next spring.

All the cows in this age group that...

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Going through bulls before the sale

Great Day For An Auction!

On behalf of all of us at Sandhill Farms, we want to thank everyone who helped make our sale a success. We had an amazing sale, amazing weather,...

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Heifers Project

Heifer Genomic Research Project.

We are participating in a heifer fertility research project with University of Missouri.

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March 28th, 2020 Sale

National Western Stock Show 2020



Weaned Bull Calves

Weaned Bull Calves At Dawn.

Weaned Bull Calves At Dawn.

Fall View December 2020

Fall View December 2020

A tour of the calves born in February 2020 on winter pasture in December.

Fall Weaning

Fall Weaning