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Sea of Grass

"I wanted to give you our final close out on our steers. You can look at the numbers, but in a nutshell, we averaged 4.4 lbs/day (dry matter conversion of 4.45:1). This was sending them in the middle of December weighing 620lbs. We are selling them on the grid, with a base price of $137.00. Scott Hall, Circle 3 Feedyard, said this was the best cost of gain and daily gain he had fed in a very long time. We received a net savings from efficiency and carcass premium of $251/head, or over $20,000 for this pen. Kevin, I believe much of our quality is a function of the good bulls and females we have gotten from you. I so much appreciate your cattle quality and the way you have been very helpful to me. Thank you!"

Jim Whitfield, Estancia Valley Cattle

McIntosh, New Mexico