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Imagine aiming at a target from 50 yards away vs. 10 yards away.
Which distance would you feel most comfortable hitting the target

The closer we can accurately predict for you how our bulls and females will perform, the more confidence you have in purchasing bulls. We use all the tools avaliable to target accuracy in how our sale bulls will perform for you.
We spend time and money testing young sires in real-world commercial setting such as the "National Reference Sire Program" (NRSP), gathering data through Growsafe feed efficiency testing, collecting feedlot data on steer and heifer mates, and by gathering individual carcass scan data on all sale bulls and all heifers. We unbiasedly cull females for everything from fertility to udder quality and report all the measurements in large contemporary groups to get us closer to the target on each and every animal we present you.

Buy with confidence, we've got your back.