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Sea of Grass

 It is our goal to offer genetics that are profitable for our customers.  The three ranches below, all need fertility and longevity etc., but their marketing plans are different.  Even thought the bulls were all in the same auction, the bulls were successful in helping each ranch reach a different market.  


*Carcass Merit*

Using SHF bulls, 82% of David Ranch calves were in the upper 2/3 choice and

qualified for premium carcass merit matching their solid black calves.

David Ranch

*Calving Ease*

Using SHF Bulls, Schepmann Ranch calved out 600 heifers and had less calving

diffculties than other breeds they used. 


Using SHF Bulls, Jay and Amy Derley's calves averaged 108 lbs heavier at

a year of age netting $228.14 more than their solid black herdmates

Derley Family