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I thought I would let you know how the calves from the bulls we have been buying from you are doing in our program.

All in all, we are seeing a real increase in calf gain when our F1 calves are born, subjectively seeing an overall docility improvement with F1 calves, and Pregnancy Rates were increased on AI and Total pregnancy on heifers. All of this without hurting our carcass quality when compared to Angus X Angus cattle.

Combining 2011 and 2012, the F1 calves out of your Hereford genetics on our Angus cows, had a weaning wt. ratio of 102.5, comparing to Angus on Angus genetics of 97.5.

At breeding time, the F1 heifers settled at 64% AI conception rate and the straight black heifers settled at 57% set up on the exact same time breed program. This information is from our open heifers.

I really believe the value we got out of the breeding season, the growth in the feedlot, and the overall carcass value definitely payed for using cross breeding with your genetics in our program.